A Fair Race: Understanding the Difference Between Equity and Equality, a Q&A with BrainTrust’s Kendra Bracken-Ferguson – BlogHer – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Oftentimes in the workplace, we hear organizations using the buzzword “equality” and explaining how important the term is to them. Maybe you’ve heard phrases such as “we really strive for equality here,” or “equality is one of our founding principles.” And while equality is important, it’s equity that many companies need to focus on. Yes, there’s more than a two-letter difference between the two terms.

Equality means that everyone in the company is given the same resources and opportunities. Everyone gets the same support system, the same training and education, the same standing within departments. Equity, on the other hand, demonstrates that every employee has different circumstances, and understands that different resources might be needed for certain groups of people in order to reach an equal outcome. With equity, the playing field is leveled, and organizations are willing to be flexible and work with their employees to guarantee everyone has the opportunity for success. Equality without equity can actually lead to inequality, as treating everyone equally without supporting certain employees’ needs means the playing field isn’t level.

We talked with Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, founder of BrainTrust and BrainTrust Founders Studio, on the issues of equity and equality. BrainTrust is a social media and brand development agency focused on building and growing brands from organic communities. In the past 6 years, BrainTrust has partnered with more than 200 brands such as Halle Berry, Kelly Ripa Home, Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore, Revelations Entertainment by Morgan Freeman, Sally Beauty, and Under Armour to g

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