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If you’re a white male executive like me, perhaps you are wondering how you directly benefit from a system centuries-old that centers your whiteness. When people see us as having “white privilege”, they may be observing our advantages: momentum from an early age in education, opportunity, and financial well-being; violence that we do not experience (e.g., from police officers); and the prioritization of our voices over those of colleagues who identify as other than white and/or male.

Every day we see racial conflict play out, in the courts, in the court of public opinion and sometimes in our organizations. If you’re a white guy like me, who wants to lead more inclusively and be part of the solution to racism, I recommend that you answer the hard questions. And then talk with other white men about them.

Have I, as a white man with leadership responsibilities:

  • Permitted cruelty and discrimination toward those of other races, rather than worked to ensure care and kindness?
  • Grown so intellectually lazy that all manner of race-related headlines, lies and conspiracies are accepted as true by people around me?
  • Been so complicit in the norming of whiteness that I don’t see myself as a racial being?
  • Shown up as a white guy who

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