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Boarding a bus along 14th at Irving Street, NW, Washington DC Image by Elvert Barnes licensed under Creative Commons.

“Are we getting on another bus?” my nephew asked as we alighted from the 90 bus to walk to Yards Park on a day back in August. His weeklong visit to DC gave him his first taste of using buses and trains daily, opening his four-year-old eyes to a whole new way of moving through the world.

My nephew’s joy in our urban transit system and the opportunities that it unlocks crystallizes, for me, the value of staying on track with making transit, walking, biking, and other active modes the backbone of our urban landscape.

We’ve been working all year with many of you on exactly that. As 2021 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the progress we’ve made, even in the face of the evolving pandemic and other challenges.

Below, we’ve shared a few highlights from our transportation work in 2021. (And make sure to check out last week’s post of highlights from our housing work, if you haven’t already!)

Making it easier to get around without a car

COVID-19 and its restrictions threw into sharp relief that transit is wh

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